Blog Reboot

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There are literally more than 2 dozen half-baked articles in my Drafts section. The truth is I got succumbed to the disease called Resistance that killed a lot of people’s passion, worse than killing the person itself. I intend to move forward. I intend to grow over it.

As described in my all-time-favorite inspirational video:

and originally in the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, it is not writing that is hard. Sitting/Starting to write is the hardest part. Using the testimony of Stephen King in the video I decided to challenge myself to publish a post everyday.

Finish more.

I have been advised to “Finish more.” numerous times. I will never be able to attain the perfection I strive for since my sense of quality keeps improving everyday (at least I hope so). So finishing everything as soon as possible (or calling them finished), moving on and learning from what I finished is what I want to do.

Let’s be realistic. How will I be able to finish an article per day? Easy. Let me introduce you to Sturgeons law. “If you spend ten dollars and one hour on an idea, it is likely to fail. But if you spend a million dollars and a year on an idea, it is still likely to fail.”

“90% of everything is crap.” - Theodore Sturgeon *

Hence producing every idea that pops up is the only way to increase the likelihood of quality content. Combine this with something I recently found about myself: I am a good curator. To prove the point, the explanation about the Sturgeons law is from a Tom Scott’s video:

So, the strategy is fill it with TIL and TIF. If you are not a frequent reddit user, they stand for Today-I-Learned and Today-I-Found. In Kottke style I will write a blog post per day on something I found on the web or just something I learned that amazed me. If nothing, this will turn into a learning-journal of mine.


I will publish at least one blog post per day.

*: He initially used it in regards to Science Fiction. But it applies in larger perspective too.