The Rosie Project

3 minute read

Rating: 5 Star

I know how it sounds like but the truth is Buzzfeed recommended me this book. It was an article on what to read after binging a TV series. The Rosie Project is suggested to be a good read for the fans of The Big Bang Theory. Actually, I won’t disagree. I am not a true fan of TBBT, but I watched all the episodes, yes, all the 12 seasons. I think the reason is that I connect with the characters at some level, probably because I am pursuing a path in academia, that too in Physics.

The Rosie Project is about a Genetics professor who is having trouble finding a life partner. He designs as questionnaire to find the one (like Sheldon does to find a perfect roommate). And not so surprisingly for a Chick lit, a woman who does not qualify anything from the questionnaire enters his life and completely changes his perception of love. I like that Graeme Simsion went with comedy rather than drama for all the plot twists. I am sure a lot of people can relate to the humor in this books in the age where the popular entertainment media (Marvel, GOT, TBBT) is filled with nerd culture.

The primary take away from the story is that true love cannot be found through a questionnaire. That lead to more questions than answers for me. I look forward to exploring Philosophy of Love to find out more by reading one of the 5 best books on the topic recommended by Skye C Cleary.

This falls under the genre that I started calling as Nerd Fiction, where the lead characters are nerds. Obviously TBBT falls under this genre, and surprisingly a lot of my favorite books too. The other component of this book is romance, which I usually do not enjoy, but I enjoyed The Rosie Project thoroughly and finished it in a swing. It definitely deserves to be on Bill Gates’ recommendations.

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The Rosie Project is a nerd fiction, where the lead characters are nerds. I enjoyed reading it. Writing book reviews is damn hard.